What we do

57% of people talk to people more online than they do in real life!

What does that mean to your business? It means the way you used to communicate with your potential clients is changing and changing fast. More, now than ever, people are spending time online and that’s where you need to be. You need to be doing more than just putting a message out for your potential customer to see, you must be having a conversation with them. No longer are you talking at your these people, but you’re talking with them.

Internet Business Networking uses the online communication tools that exist today to network with your prospects and customers.
· Create a strategy based on market positioning, Internet research, and your business goals
· Set up or enhance your social media sites
· Make your company visible on ‘business media’ sites in your industry
· Create one or more types of blogs for posting information
· Set up a content creation plan for generating content for posting
· Create active online marketing campaigns to generate awareness
· Integrate with your other online and traditional marketing
· Track activity, review, strategize, and create/enhance campaigns

Internet Business Networking has a strong component of sales process and CRM, which is the art of tracking and moving prospects through the sales process to purchase, repurchase, or refer your product or service.  When a person sees some information that is posted on one of your social media, business media, or blog sites, what happens then?  There needs to be a plan in place to direct that person to the information which is the ‘next step’ in your sales process that will entice them to investigate further or contact you.  When they contact you, they should be ready to enter your sales process in order to learn what they need to know to purchase your product or service instead of your competitors.  It’s easy to get​ ‘unqualified prospects’ clicking on your information.  All you have to do is put some top keywords in your information and make pie in the sky promises, to get lots of people contacting your company.  The amount of time you or your staff waste talking to people who are not your best prospects far outweighs the benefits of the activity.  To get your ‘best prospects’ to contact you through your social media activity, you need to start them down your sales process so that the information they receive online is ‘real’ and they can differentiate your strengths as a company, and your position in the marketplace.

Internet Business Networking (IBN) is highly integrated and supports all of your other online and offline marketing.  If you want to accomplish more reputation building and communication of information over the web, you can utilize IBN to direct your prospects to ​specific parts of your web site, request your brochure, engage in a marketing ​​​​campaign you have ongoing, attend an event, see an online demonstration,  or many other ‘interfaces’ with the marketing that you have in place at your company.