How we do it

We have developed Internet Business Networking based on years of doing interactive marketing on the web.  When we won two Tempo direct marketing awards for interactive (online & offline) campaigns several years ago, we had designed a system for a client much like Evite in order for a company to allow target prospects to register online for clients marketing events, before Evite existed.

Now, many of these systems exist on the web and can be used for free, or for very low cost.  We combine special capabilities of these online systems to reach many people, with the tried and true techniques used for networking your company with individuals and groups of people that are the buyers of your product or service.

Internet Business Networking is a system for generating content of interest to your prospects, and keeping it current on each of the social and media sites that make sense for your business.  We don’t just ‘post’ information for the sake of having information out there.  We utilize each of these sites as tools to tell your story, to involve prospects and customers in the activities that will lead to sales.