Email Marketing

Email marketing is a crucial piece of your online marketing strategy.  You are already communicating with prospects, customers, and partners using email.  Expanding your use of email to newsletters, announcements, and event notifications, is extremely cost effective when done on an opt-in, permission basis.  By identifying the information that is of interest, entertaining and useful to your clients you can build an extremely effective newsletter program.

Opt-in Email marketing will:

  • Strengthen your customer relationships
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Sell based on special offers
  • Distribute coupons or other offers
  • Update customers on current news or product releases
  • Perform ‘reminder’ marketing
  • Provide links to useful information for prospects or customers

We can help you enact a newsletter program, or we can provide the whole program.   It takes putting a procedure in place to develop great content for including in your email communications.