Email Marketing

Email marketing is a crucial piece of your online marketing strategy.  You are already communicating with prospects, customers, and partners using email.  Expanding your use of email to newsletters, announcements, and event notifications, is extremely cost effective when done on an opt-in, permission basis.  By identifying the information that is of interest, entertaining and useful to your clients you can build an extremely effective newsletter program.

Opt-in Email marketing will:

  • Strengthen your customer relationships
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Sell based on special offers
  • Distribute coupons or other offers
  • Update customers on current news or product releases
  • Perform ‘reminder’ marketing
  • Provide links to useful information for prospects or customers

We can help you enact a newsletter program, or we can provide the whole program.   It takes putting a procedure in place to develop great content for including in your email communications.

Build Reputation

Having a strong online reputation won’t just happen one day. Just like in life, you build a positive reputation by being consistent with those around you.

  • Facebook fans are earned by posting information that is useful to them. If they have a question about something you post, make sure to respond quickly so they know you care about them.
  • Twitter followers are often gained when your information is republished. Create good content, get republished, gain followers.


Tell Your Story

Your business has a story and the world wants to hear it. Using social media, you can tell your fans who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you tick. Here are a few different types of posts you can make to let your fans and followers in your world.

Tweet a 140 character message that can include a link (to a blog post, video, etc.). They are short, sweet, and to the point.

Facebook wall posts appear on all your fans news feeds and contain thoughts, links, etc.

Blog posts can be found on your blog, used on Twitter, or Facebook. The hopes are to have them republished.

Video/photo are great ways to let prospects and customers into your world. Clips as short as 30 seconds can be powerful to someone who has never met you or your business.

Social Media Sites

Social sites are created or enhanced to land business:

  • Build online reputation by posting content and gaining fans/followers
  • Tell your story though your social and business media by staying active online
  • Lead prospects from your social sites and through your sales cycle
  • Create strategic content that is relevant to potential customers
  • Our team is highly trained to learn as much as possible about your business

When we formulate an online media strategy for your company, we use the tools that have shown specific benefits for generating new business.  These are some of the tools we look to incorporate into the plan for getting your message out, and supporting your marketing objectives:

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with what Internet Business Networking is, here’s some information on some of the social and business sites we use.

Google, Yahoo!, Bing are search engines that favor those companies that post more content on social media sites, making them more visible.

Blogs draw in prospects that are interested in the information you’re posting, which then leads them to your website. They are another powerful tool for seach engine visibility.

PRWeb allows us to post video and photo press releases we create for you. It can then be republished by other sites, leading to your website becoming more visible.

LinkedIn is the king of business networking sites. You may have a personal page, but the creation of a Business Page is also a very powerful tool.

Facebook has 700 million users who are ready to become fans of your business, granted you provide useful content.

Twitter allows you to post your blog entries to your followers and is a very simple way to network with companies and people you never thought possible.

YouTube has become the norm for watching videos online. It’s a simple way to communicate your message quickly to prospects.

Email marketing can reach a large number of prospects and customers with your company newsletter.

Industry websites are specialized ‘industry’ information web sites created to help with awareness an reputation in your industry.

Business media sites in your industry utilize industry blogs, magazines, and associations to get your message out

Business directories are used to create visibility, traffic and inbound links to your web site. We have thousands of these directories we can potentially enter you into.

Event sites send out invites to all your contacts for fantastic turnouts.